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By Eden / March 28, 2017

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing your Lawn Maintenance

You may already outsource your house cleaning, but have you considered also outsourcing your lawn care and general lawn maintenance,...

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By Eden / March 21, 2017

Why Your Yard Needs an Early Spring Cleanup

It's time to think about a spring cleanup! While the snow is still not quite melted, Spring is definitely in...

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By Eden / February 9, 2017

Proof That Snow Shovelling Can Kill

There are a lot of reasons we want every person to use Eden, I mean we would be lying if...

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By Eden / February 2, 2017

When to Actually Trust the Meteorologist

A meteorologist’s job is to essentially read weather patterns and predict weather. The truth is, they do tend to be right...most of the time. So when do you trust the weather news and when do you take it with a grain of salt? Here are some tips on reading the weather and becoming your own weather expert!

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By Eden / January 19, 2017

Is Winter Killing Your Lawn?

A healthy lawn can withstand the effects of winter as long as the soil stays nice and warm. If the soil is affected, then you might be facing a lawn that has met it’s maker - aptly named: Winter Kill. Winter Kill can be caused by winds, ice, snow, crown hydration, desiccation, snow mold, and compacted soil. While, we can’t prevent winds, ice and snow, you can prevent everything e

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Beet Juice - Will it replace road salt?
By Eden / January 5, 2017

Will Beet Juice Replace Salt?

Yes, you read that right. Canadian provinces and cities like Manitoba and Halifax have created a new way to prevent slippery and icy conditions on the roads and sidewalks. Beet juice is better for the environment and it will save money in the long run as it will eliminate the need to clean up the salt in the spring.

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Snowbirds & Vacationers: Tips before leaving home this winter
By Eden / December 22, 2016

Top 9 Things to Consider for Snowbirds and Vacationers Before Leaving Home

This is the time of year that thousands of baby boomers and retirees fly south for the Winter, commonly called: Snowbirds. This is also the time of year when thousands of people escape winter for warmer climates for a few weeks! It's important to keep your home winterized and secure while you're gone as you don't want your home to look like no one's home! Here's some things to consider:

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